Friday, 14 August 2015

Feeling Clippy: Hair Solutions for the Indecisive

I've cut my hair, I've grown my hair, I've cut my hair again. I've now reached the awkward middle stage where I don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-hair.

My solution? Hair extensions.
It was one of those nights where you can't sleep and your mind turns over about 100 times.
 I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now, and it's just crept past my collarbones - it's making steady progress, but like everything else in our suddenly very immediate lives, I am impatient.

So, I hopped onto Google in a post-midnight haze and looked to see what I could find.
I came across Cliphair pretty much straight away. The website was simple and easy to navigate, and their reviews were glowing - but if I'm honest, I saw a 20% summer discount and I was sold. I took a leap of faith and poured a few pounds into Cliphair's account. 

I'd ordered them. 
I waited (not very patently) for a few days, and when the van pulled up and the postman finally dropped them off after what felt like a month of waiting - (in reality it was around 3 working days. And that was free postage. I need to stop complaining) - I ran upstairs to try them out straight away.

In ten clicks and around five minutes of placing, combing, placing again and general swishing around I installed two top-up strips onto my head, and proceeded to dance around the house with a princess-like mane.
When I first told my friends I had ordered some extensions, they went straight to thinking I had turned into some hyped-up glossy Barbie. I wore my extensions to meet up with them a few days later, and they hadn't even noticed the subtle difference until I said "Do you still think I'm a Barbie now?" 

If you fancy a bit of a change, some extra length, or just something to swish about occasionally, I'd highly recommend these guys

And if you want your short hair back, just unclip and save them for another day. 

The perfect non-commital relationship. #hooray ;)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Why We Should All Start Leaving A Little More To The Imagination

I love writing. Typing, scrawled on a piece of paper, jotted in my notes in my phone - let me run with some words and I am very happy. 

I came into 2015 with a little hope that I would start to do more of what I really love in my day-to-day, and, somehow, some guys over the pond in the USA have taken a liking to me, enough to let me write content for their online publication.

This is a self-made career that I'm dabbling in, and, with all things self-made, I need a whole bunch of determination and grit to get through the beginning hurdles. So I'm sharing my work tooth and nail, tweeting, retweeting, sharing on Facebook- hell it's even made it to my Linkedin account, just to secure as much coverage as I can possibly muster.  

If you guys fancy a little read, please have a look. I've linked up the image above or the link just here for your ultimate convenience. It's all about talking without gossipping; about discussing current affairs rather than people's affairs, and not having conversations on autopilot. 

If you like it, if anything rang true for you or you just liked the picture they chose, let me know, I'd love to get feedback and the only way I can grow is with your help.

If you made it this far, hey, thanks, you're pretty great. If I ever see you in person, let me buy you a coffee. Or let you share mine. Depends how thrifty I'm feeling. 

Thankyou, Internet. You make great things happen to ordinary people. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

What I’m Wearing: Cheltenham Races Ladies Day '15

One phone call Friday afternoon + one colour challenge set + one weekend to create a look = WHERE ON EARTH ARE ALL MY COLOURED CLOTHES?!

The challenge: To create an outfit for the Cheltenham Races in conjunction with Ladies Day on the 11th March, under the campaign of #ColourMeMarch, an incentive for ladies to have their outfits laced with lashings of bright colours, vivid hues and textures.

As a girl that favours black pieces over anything of remote vibrancy, I threw caution to the wind (along with my warehouse of black clothes) and got to work straight away.

There is no dress-code at the Cheltenham Races. Whether you are dressing to impress, dressing for comfort or just being practical about it all, anything goes. So, with that in mind, I opened my wardrobe.

These River Island Cigarette Trousers poked their legs out at me straight away. They're covered in flowers; berries, birds and leaves - all things spring - and as the event is in March, it seems the perfect way to wave hello to the new season with the help of my legs as a wonderful assistant.

They're covered in rich purples, blues, oranges and acid green, and are quite possibly the noisiest item I have in my possession - and, to be honest, it didn't take me long to notice the colourful anomaly in my wardrobe against the backdrop of black.

As I had chosen a base of trousers, I wanted to continue with the powerful structure of the outfit, so searched for a simple but defined top to tie the pieces together.

I opted for a White Shell Top from Glamorous (similar here), with a high neckline to continue with the elongation of the outfit. The arms and neck are piped with black, echoing the waistband of the trousers, so I poked the two together and they became the best of friends..or just decided to stick together long enough for the time I wore them. Just like good clothes should.

I then found some bright White Patent Courts, rolled up and tucked the trouser legs a little higher (forever a victim of short girl problems) and threw on the brightest red lip I could find - this was Rimmel's lipstick in #01. I popped that, my phone and cards into an Acid Green Clutch from Accessorize for a final sweep of vibrance, and continued outside to road test the creation and battle with the elements..

..and had no issues whatsoever. Sure, my hair flew away, but it returned back to its normal stomping ground when the gusts subsided, but my outfit stayed together and looked sleek and finished no matter what mphs were joining me.

Dressing is about having fun, leaping out of comfort zones and clothing yourself in a way that makes you feel happy and confident. With the help of #ColourMeMarch I have stepped away from my usual uniform of black and monochrome, and celebrated colours I never usually get to wear in my day to day.

Splash yourself with a colour you wouldn't normally choose and see how it makes you feel. And in any case, it's always lovely to have an excuse to dress up a little bit, even if it is just in your back garden for now.

Get involved too at #ColourMeMarch

Friday, 7 February 2014

Dreams of Paris

A lifetime want to travel to Paris + logistics of life getting in the way = substitute with a jumper. Done.
JUMPER: ZARA (sale, £7.99)

Okay, I know it's not really the perfect substitute for travelling to a new and shiny country, nor does it immerse you in culture or offer you croissants..but hey, give props to Zara for trying! I grabbed this in the last little remains of Zara's winter sale- the majority of pieces are now well below £10 which is both exceptionally exciting and very dangerous for people with no self-control when they enter the shop (ie myself). It's a soft jersey, long enough to be decent with some leggings slung on for a very comfy indoorsy outfit. I will sit and read some romantic novel and pretend I'm in some boudoir in France now, forgetting the fact that I'm in rainy and grey Britain in my semi-detached house. We can but dream.

                       What is your go-to cosy home outfit? Do you long to leave the country too? 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Flaws and Fairytales #1: Guilty Shopping

A little inventive decision + a lot of thinking = the first attempt at this feature (please be gentle)

(from top) MONOCHROME JUMPER: H&M, £7.00 SALE (similar here)
PARIS JUMPER: ZARA, £7.99 SALE (similar here)

Here's this little idea I've been cultivating for a week or so..I have been scratching my cells trying to find a little nook I can scurry into and call my own little invention if you will, and here's what I thought of (perhaps in a fit of brilliance, maybe in a fit of despair, I've yet to decide..) 
Okay, so this is what I propose:
A weekly/bi-weekly feature on 'Flaws and Fairytales' of life. Be that shopping disasters mixed with euphoric highs, or just general life loves and hates. Essentially it is a glorified likes and dislikes, but I kind of enjoyed how I could wrap my user name neatly into this little package to set it apart from the conventional posts. I feel sometimes that I tend to gloss over the bad without really acknowledging it - be that in serious life matters or with a pair of shoes I decided the shade just isn't quite there. It's a way to cope, deal and develop with the lows we all will face, serious or trivial.

So this week I thought I'd ease it in with something very close to my heart and that I think everyone can relate to: shopping guilt.
BAG: ZARA, £17.99 SALE (similar zippy-style here)
 I 'popped' into Zara. Herein lies my first fatal mistake, but we persevere. Maybe my will power will hold me back. (it didn't) I fell on two items: the first a soft grey pullover, with an etching of Paris on the front. I was sold instantly. Doing the final sweep of the shop I then spotted 'the' handbag. I've been looking for a new, somewhat structured piece for quite some time, and this fit the bill. I also have a thing for many pockets/zips on a bag, and as this is practically trimmed with a zip, I couldn't just leave it..

SKIRT: H&M, £12.99 (similar here)

H&M cropped up. I ventured inside, had a quick scan of the sale rails and spotted this jumper. It's monochrome, thick and cosy - I tried it on and fell a little in love. (this happens a lot with inanimate objects) I like to pull items into the changing room just for a bit of fun if I haven't found anything that especially catches my eye initially, and this patterned skirt was that item this time round. I tried it on and didn't want to take it off. It's beautifully cut, falling so elegantly and is such a versatile piece.

Flaws: I spent money. Again. After weeks of saving and generating money for selling old items on eBay, I have effectively rattled all of that out of my account. Whoops.

Fairytales: These are versatile and not trend-dependant items. They will last, they are transferable between seasons and the colour palette means they can be dunked in with practically any colour.

In this case, I think the fairytales outweigh the I have ascertained that I shouldn't feel too guilty about the damage. And hey, I've got a bunch of pretty things now. That's a fairytale in itself.

What do you think of this post? Do it?! Please let me know and be critical - I'm here to learn and develop, and I'm not going to do so without a helping hand along the way.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I chopped my hair off!

1st February + finding scissors = hey new hair!
I've been wanting to do this for so many months now. My hair got to that really really crazy long stage, which on me looks so unkempt and stray at the ends. I had a little look at my hair and to make it look healthy again and chop off all the split ends, I had to slice a good few inches off..and I am so glad that I did! It's finally looking glossy and thick, something which I used to just shun and think I couldn't get because I have fine hair - I was wrong!

I straightened after popping on some MARK HILL HEAT PROTECTION and then finished with a fine spritz of OJON SHINE & PROTECT GLOSSING MIST which has the most incredible scent, and the product (though a higher-end purchase) lasts as you need the slightest amount - though I battle with myself every time to not douse my head with the whole bottle..

Combing at the moment is a very surreal experience, I feel like I've lost half of my head. Anyone else doing any drastic things to their locks to kick-start February?

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Thermal layers + lots of buttons + red check shirt = reason enough to make a chess reference..?!!

THERMAL: F&F @ TESCO (yes..I now not so privately own one of these. I'm happy..)

So apparently outside thought it'd be a top idea to have a bit of an icy snap today. This would be a bigger issue for me if I wasn't adequately equipped with layers and layers of guilty purchases, and as I am a self-confessed old woman with my thermal, I was quite content with leaving the house. (I kept pretty warm, too)

Was it cold where you were today? Oh, and more importantly- do you own a thermal?! ;)