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Let's talk jeans. I went through a phase in my life when I didn't wear them at all - I hated the feel, the fit, I much preferred tights and favoured long tops, dresses and skirts over anything vaguely related to structured legs. Fast-forward a few years, and I can't stop wearing them. I love having a structured base layer to play around with, mixing textures and different fits on top - tucking in leotards, wearing cropped tops, or (my go-to for everyday life) a tied-up shirt for ultimate off-duty chic. 

When I first dipped back into the denim pool, I wore Topshop Joni and Jamie - I loved the feel of jeans that weren't really jeans at all, and they were a good transition for my legs to get used to after years of exclusively wearing super-soft tights. Although I loved the feel, the structure wasn't there in those two styles - and with my style development, I learnt to love structure. 

I heard loads about the ASOS Farleigh on Instagram, and new styles and washes were always popping up on my weekly (it's probably closer to daily) New In browse on ASOS. So I decided to buy some. Enter: The ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans.

I was so surprised by the feel of them - although the finish looks super structured and rigid in static images, they're so comfortable and have a small amount of give to them. I'm sort of short (read: I am short, at 5'3"), and my usual gripe with ripped jeans is that the rips aren't where they should be (like my lower shin, my ankle, the floor). I don't have this problem here - ASOS sell their own-brand jeans in waist size and leg length, so I was able to personalise my order a little. I bought a 26" waist, 30" leg (which equates to a standard UK size 8 with short legs, ie. me), and they're pretty much perfect. I do feel like I could have gone down a waist size as they're a little baggy, but I'm so happy with the fit of the legs that I didn't want to compromise that for the sake of a slightly better waist fit (and if I'm honest, it's rectified in about 30 seconds with a belt).

The wash is beautiful - a light denim with white fading running throughout, making them the perfect transition item through Spring and Summer. The rips give a sense of casual down-time which I love - and I can't wait to play these up for night with some nude stiletto heels. 

They're comparable in price to Topshop - working out slightly cheaper than the average Joni or Jamie at £35.00 (and as I'm still a student, I knocked off 10%, too). They're super high-waisted, comfortable, and give a breath of effortless-chic to any outfit. They're a piece that have totally inspired me, and I can't wait to style them up in the coming weeks. 

What do you think? Have you tried the ASOS Farleigh yet? I'd love to know how you style yours!

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