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"I now pronounce you husband and wife" card by Caroline Gardner, "Just married" card by Blueink Studios (from local boutiques)

For me, this year's wedding season is fast approaching. I'm very lucky to be attending two this summer, and could not be more thankful for my invites - both are for university friends, and couples I don't get to see enough of - so I've started collecting some little bits together in excitement (...and a couple of months early).

There are no gift-lists for the weddings I'm attending, so I'm pulling together some personal favours instead. I'm the guest of two beautiful ladies, so my gifts are tailored towards them - and to fulfil this, I've gone with a tried-and-tested favourite of mine: Estella Bartlett.

I was browsing their online Bridal Edit, and came across these little bracelets. I wanted something that captured my friends' styles - I know Tiffany & Co. and bright silver are favoured by both, so thought this would be the perfect piece to stack in-between their daily pieces. 

Decorated with dainty heart and star charms, the Sienna Bracelet is composed of sterling silver plating, with everything thread onto a hardwearing elastic - guaranteeing a good fit for any wrist - finished off with a trademark Estella Bartlett cloud.

At the moment, this piece (and a few others!) are involved in a 3 for 2 offer on Estella Bartlett, making it a great time to stock up on gifts for upcoming birthdays, events and (of course) weddings.

If you are getting ready to celebrate this summer, I hope you have a wonderful time full of love and happiness.
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