Bravery is hard to define. It's something vivacious; alive in many things, big and small.

It's there in the little things, like when you choose to cut your hair shorter, or wear a different colour in your clothes to usual. It's there when you paint your makeup to project another side of you, when your eyes are smokey or your lips red, even when your face is completely bare. 

It's there when you decide to take your career in a different direction, when you pack up everything you know in the pursuit of something new. It's there when you allow yourself to fall in love; but also when you garner the courage to take yourself away from a love that's gone.

It's in fighting for your beliefs. Your desires, and your passions. In standing up and not backing down. In helping others when you're not done helping yourself. It's being selfless in the face of fear.

It takes courage, love, passion - we all exercise bravery everyday, and it's important to recognise the moments as they happen. We are all stronger than we realise, and we should acknowledge and take pride in that. 

Bravery doesn't come easily. We all deserve to be celebrated for it. 
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